Traditional cooking
Traditional cooking
Traditional cooking
Traditional cooking
Traditional cooking

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Naxos Island

Traditional cooking

Whichever part of Greece you visit, you will definitely have the chance to eat in some restaurant or tavern the authentic Greek dishes known as: pastitsio, moussaka, souvlaki, stuffed vegetables “gemista”, tzatziki and many more.

However, what makes Naxos and more specifically the cuisine of Apollon, unique? What are the specialties of the area?
of all, the batoudo! Lamb stuffed with rice, fresh greens and herbs, baked in the oven with Naxian potatoes! Admittedly, the batoudo has a strong personality and this makes it a dish that you either worship or hate. In our hotel you can also ask for its vegetarian version.
Boiled Goat
Another favorite dish of the locals is the
boiled “zoula” (goat) with tomato sauce, Naxian potatoes or pasta. It is a dish that is traditionally served at weddings, and is generally established to be eaten at festivals and local celebrations.
Widespread is the
rooster cooked with wineand served with thick pasta, a dish that can be found in every Sunday table. It can be accompanied by a “sefoukloti, a vegeterian pie made with fresh “sefoukla” or “seskoula” (local greens), and herbs. If the above is not enough to fill the stomachs, a pot of potatoes cooked with chopped onions, are served. They are called “pedarates, because they are cut into small round slices and so they resemble the old Greek “pedara” (an old coin),


An extremely interesting dish is the so-called "pastitsio". It takes its name after the classic and well-known pastitsio, because of the layers of ingredients that go into the oven. The layers here are from bottom to top: one layer of sliced Naxian potatoes, one layer of chopped peppers and onions, one layer of sliced squash or squash sticks, and finally one layer of crushed toast or semolina.

Lemon sweet

Are you getting hungry? Let's not forget about the dessert! Spoon sweets and jams are pretty common around here. The locals create them by using of the fresh fruits that nature provides them with! At Adonis Hotel we offer you as a sweet welcome the lemon sweet we make ourselves out of our garden lemons!